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Intuition Crystal Box

Intuition Crystal Box

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Please provide details of what you are going to be using the crystals for. This will allow me to pick out what you are needing for your specific situation.

Also let me know what crystals you don’t like and crystal shapes you prefer. I’ll try my best to accommodate.

This is NOT a mystery box. I will email you with list of crystals I picked out to make sure that you don’t have those already. So please make sure you stay on the lookout for my email.

Please be specific. For example rather than saying I want crystals to heal my heart. Allow me to know more details. Heal your heart from heartbreak, passing of a loved one, etc.

You may also allow me to know if you rather quantity over quality. Meaning would you rather quantity which can be more crystals but smaller. Or would you rather quality, less crystals and more big pieces.

Please put these details in the notes when checking out.

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