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Crystal Concepts

Create Your Crystal Confetti

Create Your Crystal Confetti

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You can ask for your crystal confetti to be for your zodiac sign, favorite color, to help with something you are going through in your life (ex: anxiety, grief, heartbreak, etc). There are so many ways to create a mix for yourself. Let me know in the what you are looking for notes section when checking out and I will try my best to accommodate.

If you want to pick out your own chips. See notes below  

CHIPS WE CURRENTLY HAVE are in the picture gallery. PICK 5 TYPES


  • Amazonite mini sphere
  • Amazonite tumble 
  • Angelite mini sphere 
  • Aquamarine cube
  • Black obsidian tubmle
  • Bronzite tumble
  • Carnelian mini sphere
  • Carnelian tumble
  • Cherry agate tumble
  • Chrysoprase tumble
  • Clear quartz cube
  • Crackle quartz mini sphere
  • Crazy lace agate tumble
  • Epidote tumble
  • Garnet mini sphere
  • Green aventurine tumble
  • Howlite cube
  • Labradorite mini heart
  • Lapis lazuli cube
  • Money agate mini sphere
  • Orchid calcite tumble
  • Pink mangano calcite tumble 
  • Pink opal tumble
  • Que sera tumble
  • Raw pink tourmaline tumble
  • Rhodonite tumble
  • Ruby zoisite tumble
  • Selenite tumble
  • Septarian tumble
  • Green serpentine tumble
  • Turquoise tumble 
  • Unakite tumble
  • Yooperlite tumble
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